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Unamed Song: WIP UPDATE

2011-08-28 15:25:02 by HarrisonGT

New song uploaded today...will keep mathematicals in these news posts:

"A song that I worked on for a while (aka 1 day)...I don't normally submit songs to newgrounds but i thought "wat the fuk" so i did anyways...Please comment and suggest improvments! The song's effects (aka reverb) are controlled mathematically. (or will be upon finish). Enjoy

Tempo: 120bpm

Chords (first part): Bm > A > Em > G

x = infreq
y = maximus_out
sin(x) + 2cos(y) = Distance Flanging
4x^7 + 2x^4 + 9x + (chord) = Riffing Control
Many others :)"